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About Us

Founded in 2000, Inforance is one of the nation's leading Insurance, Tax & Human resource consulting companies in Tokyo, Japan.
Our vision, "We enable companies to focus on their main business by providing support in a variety of areas" underscores the deep knowledge and relevant relationships we bring to client engagement.

We develop customized programs for each client by combining elements from our service offerings:

  • *Asset Management Consulting
  • *B to B Insurance Consulting
  • *Tax Introduction and Coordination
  • *Accounting Firm Management Support
  • *Human Resource Consulting

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Company Name Inforance Japan Co., Ltd.
Head Office PMO Building 7th floor
Higashi Nihonbashi 2-15-4
Chuoku Tokyo 103-0004
Established December 2000
President Masashi Sasaki
Our Business Asset Management Consulting
B to B Insurance Consulting
Certified Public Tax Accountants Referral Service
Website Consulting
Human Resource Consulting

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