1. You have a difficulty in deciding who is an excellent certified public tax accountant?!
We can find the best certified public tax accountant who satisfies your needs by our experience and knowledge!

It is no wonder that a manager who might not have the very complicated and deep knowledge about tax has trouble judging a true excellent certified public tax accountant. Even though a website seems fine and nice and the president might be brilliant, it is not always the case that your accountant is also brilliant. On the other hand, even though a website seems childish and cheap, it happens the accountant is smart and perfect to you.

Also, the inexpensive accounting fee does not always mean good.
For instance, \200,000 monthly accounting fee seems expensive, but it is good value if the accountant works more than CFO. \30,000 monthly accounting fee is expensive if the accountant does nothing for you.

To choose the best certified public tax accountant for you, you need to have a concierge who is familiar with taxes and certified public tax accountants’ field. This Find an Excellent Certified Public Tax Accountant have more than 1400 brilliant certified public tax accountants in nationwide. We have helped business owners to find accountants more than 3200 cases thus far.

We understand business owners’ worries about certified public tax accountants. Our experienced concierge listens to several worries and problems that you may have and finds the best certified public tax accountant to solve the problem and improve situations.

2. You lack of knowledge to negotiate with a certified public tax accountant?!
We can negotiate with certified public tax accountant for you!

It should be difficult to negotiate with a certified public tax accountant, considering about what tasks you want him/her to do, without concierge who has the expert knowledge about tax as equal as accountants have. For example, when you feel that \100,000 monthly accounting fee is expensive, you may not know how to negotiate with the accountant without the knowledge. Thus, if you have the knowledge, you may be able to negotiate with him/her.

However, normally, managers are not so familiar with tax and the general relationship between managers and accountants, so it is often the case that they cannot negotiate with the accountant, resulting in paying high accounting fees. This trend remarkably appears in the provinces. It means that business owners in the provinces do not negotiate with the accountant. It is very essential to decide the first contract.

It is very essential to decide the accounting fee for the first time, for managers will have paid the amount ever afterward. The difference of \30,000 per month becomes the difference of \1,600,000 (including the annual rewards) for three years total.

Avoiding such disadvantageous contract for business owners, we calculate the proper amount of accounting fee for each case by many achievements and experiences and negotiate with accountants instead of business owners. We play a role as negotiating agent.

3. You have a difficulty canceling the contract with an accountant introduced by your friend!?
We can keep the proper distance between you and your accountant!

It is the most case to meet a certified public tax accountant through acquaintances and/or friends. It is sure that managers feel better and secured in comparison with finding by themselves. However, at the same time, managers might have a big obstacle. That is the difficulty canceling the contract with him/her even though the relationship does not go well. In fact, there are many cases that managers keep relationship with the accountants “because this accountant was introduced by my acquaintance” even though managers have many complaints.

It is a good idea to have the third party between a manager and accountant when you would start a relationship with a new accountant. It is difficult to find the best accountant matched your needs by yourself. If you use the third party, what you have to do is to talk with your concierge about your consideration and needs, and then your concierge finds the best partner. If you do not like the accountant, you can just say “no” without hesitation anytime you want.

It is important to have a proper distance between a manager and accountant in order to make you easier require the improvement when your accountant makes a mistake. When the distance is too close, you may hesitate to say something strong. Also, the accountant may be lazy since you are too close. In order to keep the proper distance, it should be wise to use the third party.

4. You worry about persistent sales if you use the third party like us?!
Don’t worry. We do not contact you if you do not need our service!

We are not doing this business for only our advantages.
We are doing this for managers who try their best, like you.
Our priority is to think about your merit, considering the best for you.
If you do not want to talk through phone,
we can contact you via e-mail.
And when you decide you need our service any more,
we do not contact you.

In order to improve the fields of certified public tax accountant which an excellent one has a difficulty to be active because of old tradition and in order to support managers who have not meet an excellent accountant,
We are doing this business.

5. Are you thinking that you cannot confide (open) your troubles to a new accountant if you change the accountant?!
Don’t worry! Your new accountant would be your best partner to confide anything and help your business.

All managers, almost no exception, have troubles that they do not want to open.
Then you have little to confide the troubles.
In many cases, your accountant is one that you can open.
Especially the one who is accompanying with you for a long time understands you very well.
Then we hear a lot that managers hesitate to change the accountant since they may lose such a person.

In accountants` point of view, it is very natural that managers have troubles.
So you can confide your worries to your new accountant with no hesitation.
We have seen more than 3200 cases which reach a contract,
so we are confident to say that your new accountant is willing to help your worries that you may hesitate to open!
It is often the case that your worries are not very big to accountants.